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LaLance projects

Over the past twenty years, Lalance partners have been involved in numerous projects in transition countries as part of the European Union’s pre-accession process, the EU good neighbor policy, the Council of Europe’s activities, or the (pre-accession) support delivered by the Netherlands and UK governments, the IMF, and other donors. Large-scale projects were completed, for example, in Slovenia, Moldova, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine, and Turkey, mainly in the areas of combating and preventing corruption, judiciary reform and management of the judiciary. In addition, LaLance partners have worked on a long-term IMF project in Indonesia to implement a national legal reform plan, assist in establishing the National Training Institute for the Judiciary, and enhance the training of new judges.

Ethics and Integrity

Lalance has delivered a great number of anti-corruption trainings to high-level anti corruption authorities and law enforcement bodies from a broad range of countries in Europe. LaLance partners have organized and delivered short-term and long-term trainings of public officials on ethics and integrity issues in countries as varied as Slovenia, Moldova, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Serbia, Republika Srpska, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Turkey, Jordan, Russian Republic, Kosovo, and Cyprus.

Capacity building

In Slovenia, as part of the accession process to the EU, LaLance delivered long-term assistance in the establishment of the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption, financed by the Dutch government. Lalance’s system for methodical integrity management was developed for this institution and was adopted by law in Slovenia as mandatory for all public institutions with more than five employees. In Moldova, LaLance partners were involved in a major Council of Europe project (MOLICO) to combat corruption and train high-level law enforcement bodies of all kinds, including the Supreme Court, the Public Prosecution Service, the National Police, the Customs Service and the highest echelons of the Ministry of Justice. These trainings were also based on LaLance’s own system for methodical integrity management, which has since been adopted by law in Moldova. In a variety of forms the system is also in use in a number of other countries in South Eastern Europe.

Judiciary reform

In Slovenia, LaLance was responsible for the formulation and completion of a long-term Dutch government-financed project to improve court efficiency and reform court management, as part of the EU accession. As the counterpart of the Minister of Justice and the Supreme Court, LaLance further developed and directed a long-term project to develop and implement a workload measurement system for the Slovene judiciary in order to assist in reducing the burden of case backlogs. In Croatia, LaLance directed a three-year EU pre-accession project to set up the Strategy Development Directorate of the Ministry of Justice of Croatia, serving as the counterpart to the Minister of Justice and the State Secretary responsible for the judiciary reform strategy and the fight against corruption.

European Commission

In addition to these long-term activities, LaLance partners continue to be involved in the delivery of top-level conferences organized by the European Commission (TAIEX) throughout Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. LaLance experts regularly offer presentations to high-echelon and regional public servants on legal, institutional and organizational approaches to combating and preventing corruption as well as methods to investigate, prosecute, and combat corruption, money laundering, and organized crime. Several LaLance partners have also been involved in peer reviews and assessments regarding the progress of pre-accession states to the EU Acquis Communautaire.


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