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Tom McGoona

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lalance_portret_mcgoona-1During his 31 years of service as a customs officer in the British Customs Service, Tom McGoona rose through the ranks to become a highly experienced customs investigation and intelligence specialist. He was extensively involved in large-scale international cases and in internal investigations of the British Customs Service itself. During his time in the Customs Service he has developed a great variety of prevention, training, and awareness raising programs and methodologies. In the process, he has acquired considerable skills in training needs analysis, course design and delivery.

Project and program management

Tom McGoona acquired senior management and project and program management experience in long-term as well as short-term assignments in the United Kingdom and abroad (Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Turkey, Trinidad and Tobago). He has provided national and international consulting services at all levels to encourage or enhance institutional reform efforts.

Capacity building

Over the years, Tom McGoona has developed broad expertise in international capacity building in the areas of border crime enforcement and the development of measures to fight corruption, fraud, money laundering and organized crime. He has focused on these issues both from a practical standpoint and with an expert view of the (international) legal ramifications and the legislative problems involved. As a member of numerous European Commission missions to assess and monitor prospective EU member states, he has focused in particular on the practical, legal, and legislative capacities of Eastern European countries to fight corruption and organized crime.


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