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Lawrie Day

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Lawrie-Day1After thirty years of service as a career detective in London’s Metropolitan Police Service, Lawrie Day retired as an investigator of serious and organized crime, specializing in issues such as money laundering, human trafficking, obscene publications, prostitution, casinos, and drug trafficking. During his years as a detective, he traced, restrained, repatriated, and confiscated assets, working together closely with law enforcement bodies in various jurisdictions.

Financial Investigation

As an Accredited Financial Investigator Lawrie Day has mentored trainee financial investigators in a variety of public and corporate settings. He was involved in the organization and delivery of joint seminars by law enforcement and the corporate sector – including the UK Insurance Fraud Investigators Group – in order to develop intelligence sharing and enhance investigative techniques.

Technical Assistance

Through LaLance, as well as through his own consultancy, AML Consulting ( and as an independent expert, Lawrie Day is now working in numerous – public and private – technical assistance and transition projects, on behalf of the European Union, the UK National Policing Improvement Agency, and other donors and insitutions. He focuses primarily on the areas of free movement of capital, anti-money laundering, combating financing of terrorism, and financial investigation techniques. His recent work includes anti-money laundering efforts in Cyprus and support in the drafting of internal regulations for Kosovo’s Agency for managing sequestered and confiscated assets. In addition, he is engaged in short term anti-corruption trainings in various countries in Eastern Europe for law enforcement, judiciary, local, and provincial public officials, organized by the European Commission.


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