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Jaap Dik

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lalance_portret_dikJaap Dik is a highly experienced mathematician and statistician who developed the specialized skill of applying statistical methods to organizational and work process data, in industrial as well as governmental organizations. He is a long-standing member of national and international quality bodies (e.g. American Society for Quality), known especially for his experience in quantitative methods for quality management, process and change management, assessment of organizational quality, and the development of related software applications. Over the years, he has developed techniques, methodologies and models that are applicable in public as well as private settings.

OPQ Consultancy

His projects are often carried out through his own company, OPQ Consultancy (). They usually deal with optimizing organizational quality and efficiency, conducting surveys, collection of data, construction of databases and operational calculation models, statistical data analysis, work process analysis, workload measurement, and the transformation of results into management information.


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