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Henriëtte Schatz

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lalance_portret_schatz1Henriette Schatz has long international experience in high-level technical assistance and change projects in Eastern European countries (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Moldova, Croatia, Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus), either within the framework of the EU-pre accession process, or for international organizations. She has been involved in management, training, and efficiency improvement in public and private organizations, design and implementation of workload measurement, reform of the judiciary, and the fight against corruption.

Ethics and integrity management

Over the past decade Henriette Schatz has developed Lalance’s system for methodical integrity management, which is in use in various countries in Eastern Europe. Recently she has developed the Ethics Barometer, an online employee-based ethics assessment instrument for public as well as private organizations. It has been used side by side with the management-driven integrity management tool to enhance ethics in organizations.


She has worked as an expert on strategy of change, management in the public service, human resource management, work process analysis, and corruption prevention. As a consultant and a manager, and as a project director leading teams of experts, she has been involved in many small and large-scale organizational change operations. In addition to her long-term activities, she regularly serves as the director and chairperson of top-level conferences throughout Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean Basin, particularly on methods to combat corruption.


SchatzAdvies (, of which she is the director, is affiliated with LaLance Partners in Management. It is an independent consulting practice in The Netherlands for project and temporary management, management support, organizational consulting, individual executive coaching, and career counseling.


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