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LaLance organization

LaLance Partners in Management is an international partnership that was established in 1995. Its Director is Dr. Henriette F. Schatz. Partnership to LaLance is open to individual consultants working on their own account, who are judged to be qualified professionals. This assessment is the responsibility of the Director, assisted, whenever necessary, by board members or individual partners.

LaLance method

LaLance partners work on the premise that each LaLance assignment or project deserves its own specialized approach. Detailed written proposals are offered for each project or activity, under the responsibility of the Lalance Director. Proposals include a project plan, a budget, a time schedule and a description of reporting requirements. Remuneration is agreed with the client to bring a satisfactory balance between reward and result. Though partners are free in the application of their professional experience and expertise within a project to achieve optimal project results, the inclusion of partners in project activities remains the responsibility of the Director.

LaLance Ethics Barometer

Over the past decade, Lalance has developed its own system for methodical integrity management, which has been used widely in public and private organizations. The system is based on LaLance’s experiences in major projects to combat corruption and train high-level public servants and law enforcement bodies in Eastern Europe. Recently, LaLance has developed a new ethics enhancement tool: the Ethics Barometer. This internet-based questionnaire explicitly targets an organization’s staff. It – safely and anonymously – accesses their views and experiences, complementing traditional, management-driven self-assessments of ethics in organizations. Its results serve as an awareness-raising tool and as the basis for organizational change to enhance ethics.


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