LaLance - partners in management LaLance - partners in management

Key Roles

In their long experience with clients in public and private organizations, LaLance partners have provided a wide range of professional services in a broad variety of roles and disciplines.

Key roles and disciplines

  • Taking on the role of confidential advisor for the evaluation and improvement of client organizational strategies and strategic development, guidance and support prior to and during major changes privatizations and crisis situations;
  • Developing and (re) structuring organizations and operational activities, planning analyzing and implementing work processes and workload measurement, quantitative and qualitative improvement measures;
  • Managing and developing human capital through assessment of staffing needs, improvement of organizational structures and relationships, coaching of skills and knowledge;
  • Maintaining continuity in client activities through project, temporary, expansion and turn-around management;
  • Communication and awareness raising;
  • Interfacing between public concerns and organizational ambitions or between diffuse interests surrounding organizations;
  • Training needs analysis, course design and delivery;

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