LaLance - partners in management LaLance - partners in management


The collected professional experience and qualifications of LaLance partners ensure that the partnership as a whole can provide a well-balanced range of expertise.

Key areas of expertise

  • Strategy of change, work process analysis, workload measurement;
  • Human resource management;
  • Management and efficiency improvement in public and private organizations;
  • Organizational ethics, methodical integrity management and assessment;
  • Judicial reform, organization and management, judicial workload measurement, budgeting and management training, judiciary and the media, judicial ethics, Human Rights;
  • Law enforcement, (border) crime investigation;
  • Measures and methodologies to combat and prevent corruption, fraud, money laundering, financial forgery, organized crime;
  • Data collection, database construction, calculation models, statistical data analysis, surveys, quantitative and qualitative management information, ¬†development and implementation¬†of workload measurement systems;
  • Communication planning and training, publicity and advertising, political and media communication, influence and image studies, multimedia and web-based public information.

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