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Our working environment

The working environment is increasingly pressured by the need to predict, plan, and project developments while adapting to the unpredictable. More as a matter of course than as an exception, public and private organizations are confronted with new situations that affect their strategy, structure, human capital and financial resources. The very nature of this process of continuous change implies that no organization can be expected to meet these challenges entirely from within at all times.

Challenges of change

Transition countries especially, have problems meeting the challenges of change. Against the backdrop of change and transition, they are forced to make difficult choices and must concentrate on adapting essential activities to new realities. Having access to relatively limited resources for this adaptation process, public as well as private organizations are exposed to the risk of finding themselves short of management expertise and short of the capacity to achieve their goals and minimize risks.

Assistance in transition

LaLance assists in the transition process and provides support and professional expertise to reduces risks to manageable proportions. It offers a critical examination of the situation, provides access to the specialized skills required to achieve the necessary changes. Most crucially, LaLance assists in making these changes within the framework of the practical possibilities, adapting its solutions to the available resources.

Partners in Management

LaLance’s ability to co-operate at senior levels of management is the basis for its working concept ofpartners in management. This concept involves teaming up with the client organization and pooling internal and external resources to deal with an organization’s management or professional issues most effectively. In this way, LaLance provides access to the support and guidance of skilled and experienced professionals who are not involved in the client organization’s day-to-day affairs. This partnership provides an organization the opportunity to train its own managers ‘on the job’, giving them a head start in creating homegrown solutions within relatively short time frames.


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